Physically, Chris Colfer’s (Kurt) looks have changed a great deal from the baby-faced 19 year old we first met during Glee Season 1 to the young man of 22 we’re so familiar with today. But his hair? Not so much. Even over the years, Chris’ hairstyle has stayed pretty much the same.

Given that, we were quite surprised when the Glee star showed up at the 2012 Critics Choice Awards on June 18 sporting such a different look. Ladies and gentlemen: It’s Chris Colfer, with curls!

For the event, the Glee star curled various pieces of his brown locks so that they framed either sides of his face around his off-center part. So what do you think of Chris’ new look? Do you love to see him mix things up, or are you longing for the slick and straight days of yore?

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