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It’s unfortunate, but as much as Hollywood stars have championed LGBT rights in recent years, it can still be hard for openly gay and lesbian actors to get diverse roles. Just ask Chris Colfer (Kurt), who commented in a recent Q&A on how being out in Hollywood has affected his career so far.

“People try to pigeonhole you,” Chris said of his experience. “People tried typecasting me before they even saw me in something [other than Glee]. I never understood that. Like, ‘why don’t you wait ‘til my next project before you start telling me what my career’s gonna look like for the next ten years?’”

Perhaps that’s why Chris decided to write his own screenplay. Struck By Lightning’s Carson Phillips is definitely a departure from Kurt Hummel — though he does have some of that biting sarcasm that we loved so much in Season 1.

Times are a-changing, however, and openly gay actors like Chris are a big reason why. Hopefully, he soon will be able to land diverse roles without creating them himself. That said, we definitely hope he keeps up the writing if it means more movies like Struck by Lightning!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Chris Colfer Discusses Being Typecast For His Sexuality (VIDEO)

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