Credit: Twitpic Photo: Kim Kardashian and Chris Colfer Sing a High Note at the Globes on January 16, 2011

What was an emotional Chris Colfer (Kurt) feeling backstage after winning his Golden Globe award? "I hate to say I'm a Cinderfella, but I feel like it tonight."

Still, Chris wanted to keep a brave face on for reporters. "I have my big-boy pants on. I'm trying not to [cry]." But with what the Globe means, it was pretty much impossible. “[Gay teens] just saw Kurt Hummel get an award for being him[self],” said Colfer, getting emotional.

To say this is something Chris always dreamed of is an understatement. "I actually got a message via Facebook from a friend, and he said, 'One of my elementary-school memories is you standing up in front of the class and telling everyone to watch the Golden Globes,' and now I am here."