Credit: Chris Colfer on Twitter

He already dressed up for Halloween once over the weekend and as a Llama Assassin, no less but now that the day itself is here, Chris Colfer (Kurt) is stepping out in costume once again!

On October 31. the Glee star tweeted a photo of his latest Halloween creation. “I wore my Halloween costume to work today...can you guess what I am? #HistoryTeacherShoutOut” he tweeted. Not going to lie: We were a bit confused at first.

Credit: Chris Colfer on Twitter

He did cut a hole in a box. Is it possible that Chris is doing some sort of historical ode to Justin Timberlake on SNL? D*ck in a Box... 16th century style?

Not quite. It turns out that Chris is dressed as a guillotine this Halloween. And the very guillotine that cut off the head of Marie Antoinette, at that!

Poor Marie. She does look a bit lightheaded....

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