Credit: Valerie Macon/Getty Images Photo: Cory Monteith Attends TV Guide's 2010 Hot List Party

Cory Monteith (Finn) hosted the Geminis over the weekend (those are the Canadian Emmys to you), but does the Canadian native have a favorite all-time North of the Border television show?

"Of all time? Can it be Degrassi?" asked Cory. "I grew up watching shows like Mr. Dress Up, Friendly Giant and stuff like that, but Degrassi is such a classic." We can't disagree, Cory.

The Glee star also revealed what songs he's been rocking out to of late. "I still listen to a lot of Radiohead. I actually got the Barenaked Ladies two-disc 'All in Good Time,' a fan just gave me that and that’s what I’m currently listening to."

The only bad news? The road for Finn and Rachel might hit some speed bumps. Says Cory: "Some of the tension that has been really strung out over the course of two seasons really comes to ahead in the middle part of the season when we start to see other characters kind of enter that storyline." Yikes! Say it ain't so...

Source: TV Addict