Glee newcomer Blake Jenner (Ryder) is back in Miami for the holidays, but not everyone in his hometown is as excited to see him as you might think.

On Christmas day, Blake posted this photo of himself locked in an intense staredown with a very wintery-attired pal. “This guy next to me is pretty shady...” he wrote.

So who exactly is this mystery villain capable of setting Blake on edge? Why, just a friendly neighborhood snowman! The tiny creature is only about three feet tall, and his charming and amiable grin couldn’t seem more harmless.

Then again, it’s usually the harmless ones that end up being secretly evil. In fact, this little guy might just just be moments away from total world domination.

Even if that is the case, we’re willing to bet Blake could take him in a fight. Have you noticed how big his arms are getting? Paint him green, and he could pretty much pass for The Incredible Hulk. That evil little snowman doesn’t stand a chance!

Source: Blake Jenner on Twitter