Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Photo: Bespectacled Mark Salling at Candie's VMAs After Party in Los Angeles on August 28, 2011

Alert the media! Mark Salling and Lea Michele are totally smitten. And though their affections are directed at the same object, this aint no awkward love triangle situation a la Santana-Brittany-Artie in Glee Season 2.

Yesterday, Mark introduced the (Twitter) world to his pup, Noah Saw Salling (yes, just like his Glee character), calling him “[t]he new love of my life”:

Credit: Mark Salling on Twitter Photo: Mark Salling Cuddles With His Dog, Noah, on September 21, 2011

It’s like a battle of cuteness. (Sorry, Mark, the hound wins this round.) Speaking of battles, Lea laid claim to the new addition to the Glee family, as well,  tweeting:

@msleamichele: Me and @Mark_Salling's new puppy Noah! Ps... I helped Mark pick the the name:)

Credit: Lea Michele on Twitter Photo: Lea Michele Plays With Mark Salling’s Dog, Noah, on the Glee Set on September 21, 2011

Uh oh. Do we smell a new rivalry on set? All this attention little Noah is getting could wreak havoc on Lord Tubbington’s self-esteem. But if Chord Overstreet can find a new gig, we’re sure the feline Glee star will land on his feet, too. Meow!

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