Credit: Damian McGinty on Facebook Photo: Damian McGinty as Itchy the Christmas Elf Poses With Sexy Santas in Glee's Christmas Episode

From fun behind-the-scenes moments to holidays with Chewbacca, we just can’t get enough of these on-set photos from Glee’s Season 3 Christmas episode.

And it’s clear that no one’s having a more “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” this year than Glee newcomer Damian McGinty (Rory), as further evidenced by this photo.

Damian posted the pic of himself (as Itchy the Christmas Elf) with some featured dancers on to his official Facebook page on December 15, saying, “It's a hard life...”

Sure looks like it.

But hey, Rory did ask Sam (Chord Overstreet) to help hook him up for Valentine’s Day this year. Sure, we have our own ideas on who should play Damian’s on-screen lady love, but we’re willing to bet he wouldn’t complain if one of these lovely gals filled the coveted role.

Guess we’ll see when Glee returns in January!

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