Do you have plans on next Tuesday, December 11? Well, you do now!

The Glee Project besties Damian McGinty (Rory) and Cameron Mitchell have announced that they’ll be performing a live show together from their home on December 11 at 9 p.m. ET to be webcast on StageIt. Looks like we don’t need to make a Christmas list this year, since we’ll already have the only thing we actually want!

So what exactly will they performing? The buds — in a YouTube video announcement — say they’ll perform for 30-45 minutes, and it will be a mixture of original songs and covers.

“We’ll sing a few tracks off Damian’s EP, maybe one off mine,” Cameron says. “We’re gonna sing some Christmas classics — probably butcher a few of them.” As you might assume, the two guys are as funny as ever!

StageIt suggests a $50 donation to watch the performance, but there’s an extra incentive to be extra generous. The guys say that they’ll participate in a live Skype chat with the person who donates the most money. Time to smash open that piggy bank!

To summarize, we’ll borrow the boys’ own words: Dameron Claus is comin’ to town. We must have been extra good this year!

Source: YouTube 

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