Credit: Matt Sersion/Oxygen Media

If Damian McGinty (Rory) is feeling even the slightest amount of bitterness towards Alex Newell (Unique) now that Alex is on Glee and he’s not  — he sure isn’t letting it show.

Damian and Alex competed together back on The Glee Project Season 1. Damian won the competition and went on to have an almost season-long arc on Glee, much longer than his originally-scheduled seven episodes.

Alex, a runner-up, earned two episodes that same season. But when casting decisions were announced for this year’s Season 4, Damian was no longer on the show — while Alex’s character was both set to transfer to McKinley and get an increased role overall.

The casting move caused a bit of backlash among fans, but Damian took to Twitter to defend Alex, calling him “a star.” Now, after the premiere of Glee’s very first episode back this season, Damian has gone to Twitter once again to share his congratulations.

On September 13, Damian tweeted, “I am so genuinely proud of @anew92 . He has been through the mill the last year and a half, and looking at tonights episode, is incredible.”

On September 15, Alex responded, “@damianmcginty awe arent you the sweetest hunnie!!!”

And for the record, Damian isn’t gone from Glee entirely. Creator Ryan Murphy says he’s bringing Rory back for Season 4’s Thanksgiving episode. How’s that for a good deal? Turns out, we’ll be getting to see both Damian and Alex again.

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