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Former Season 2 Glee Project contenders Dani Shay and Ali Stroker caught many people off guard on December 10 when they announced — via a PDA-filled music video, nonetheless — that they are a couple.

Yet for as much as this announcement may have seemed to come out of the blue to Glee fans, the girls’ Glee Project co-stars didn’t seem surprised in the least. Plenty of Ali and Dani’s fellow Season 2 contenders were quick to tweet their support and congratulations.

That evening, Dani took to Twitter to thank all her friends and Twitter followers for their well-wishes to the couple. “Im so touched by the support we've received for our new music video! @ALISTROKER Thanks for being so brave!” she wrote.

Ali, too, made sure to tweet out her thanks. “@danishay and I are so overwhelmed by all of your responses! Thank you for your love and support! We are so happy to share our news with u!” she posted.

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Both girls tweeted back plenty of thank you messages to their Glee Project co-stars, and Ali ended the day with one final message to all her fans.

“It's been a very exciting day!” she tweeted. “Good night all! Thank you again for your LOVE! Night! Xo :D”

Source: Dani ShayAli Stroker on Twitter

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Credit: Dani Shay on YouTube Photo: The Glee Project’s Dani Shay Kisses Ali Stroker in Dani’s “One” Music Video