When Glee’s Darren Criss (Blaine) goes on a talk show, he apparently gives it his all. And then some.

The dreamy Glee star was prepping for his appearance on Kathy Griffin’s talk show when he tweeted a hilarious message about just what might be happening on the show.

On March 21, Darren tweeted:


Yes, we love him a little more for that. And now we’re officially jealous of Kathy Griffin.

Also appearing on the show with Darren were actress Lily Tomlin and Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson. The three of them and Kathy did a barbershop quartet-style song to promote the episode just before it aired, proving that Darren sounds amazing even doing a silly little ad ditty.


Okay, so as you may have expected, nothing unsavory actually happened between Darren and Kathy on the show — they just chatted.


However, Kathy did ask Darren, “When was the last time you had vaginal sex with a chick?” Uh, way to get too personal, Kathy. Still, we were kinda curious to hear the answer.


Darren sorta hemmed and hawed and said “yesterday,” but it might have been a joke. Kathy then told him, in a very NSFW way, that the girls must be all over him. Yikes.


So we suppose the show ended up going to a sexy place after all, even if it wasn’t the kind of sexy place that Darren thought it would!


Source: TwitterBravo