Darren Criss (Blaine) will make his How to Succeed Without Really Trying debut on January 3, but his spectacular Broadway run won’t last long. Unfortunately, it’s physically impossible for a man to be both a Broadway star and a Glee star at the same time … even if said man is Darren Criss.

So when Darren heads back to the Glee set, pop star Nick Jonas will take over his role for How To Succeed’s January 24 show. We’ve seen the posters for both guys’ Broadway runs, and naturally, we had to know which one you all liked best!

Nick may be cute-as-a-button — and slightly mischievous — but Darren is just, well, Darren. And how could anybody possibly top that? Take a look at your results:

Whose How To Succeed Poster Do You Like Best?

- A whopping 75% said, “Darren.”

- Only 21% said, “Nick.”

- A tiny 4% said, “Uhh... Is this a trick question?”

Sounds like the gleeks have spoken. Smiley little Jonai are nice and all … but nobody beats Darren Criss.

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