Credit: Julia Albain on Twitter Photo: Darren Criss and Team StarKid with University of Michigan '09 Classmates on November 26, 2011

Want to know how Glee's Darren Criss (Blaine) spent his Thanksgiving break?

After flying home to San Francisco on Thursday, November 24, Darren hopped on another plane for the East Coast — where he spent the remainder of the weekend hanging out with some of his old college pals.

Well, his old college pals and about 2,500 screaming fans, that is! Over the weekend, Darren joined Team StarKid for the Boston and New York City stops of the cross-country SPACE Tour.

Darren wrote many of the StarKid songs, and he played Harry in their YouTube hit musicals A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel. We’ve tracked down a couple of the video performances below — which includes an OMG moment when Joe Walker and Brian Holden try to take over the lead in “Get Back to Hogwarts.” Take a look:


Credit: YouTube Photo: Darren Criss and Team StarKid Sing, "Harry Freakin' Potter" During the SPACE Tour in Boston on November 25, 2011
Credit: YouTube Photo: Darren Criss and Team StarKid Sing, "Days of Summer" & "Get Back to Hogwarts" for the SPACE Tour on November 25, 2011

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