Credit: Adam Rose/FOX©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Kurt and Blaine Hold Hands in the Glee Season 3 Finale, Episode 22: “Goodbye”

Remember back in the days of yore when Darren Criss and Chris Colfer both basically said that Blaine  and Kurt made a boring couple, and we subsequently excommunicated them from The Church of Gleeks? My, my, how times have changed.

Blaine and Kurt rekindled their love flame during this week's non-stop dramatic episode of Glee (thank god, because we were dying inside), and now Darren is comparing this happy couple to Ross and Rachel circa Friends.

"Yeah, of course!" Darren told E! when asked if Kurt and Blaine would eventually get back together. "That's like, ‘Duh!'…It's like Ross and Rachel. You set up your couple that needs to be together and it's about the journey. You gotta wait till the last sort of minutes to have the full-blown reunion."

Ummm, is Darren implying that Blaine will get engaged to an English tarte named Emily, pop out a love child with Kurt, become a paleontologist with a fetish for suede blazers, and then declare his love for Kurt while he's on a plane to Paris? Because that sounds like the most amazing plot line ever. 

Source: E!