Credit: Derek Storm/Splash News Photo: Darren Criss After His Broadway Debut in How To Succeed in New York City on January 3, 2011

Who knew Darren Criss (Blaine) was so rock and roll? The cute Glee star turned 25 this Sunday, and to celebrate, Darren headed over to Sayers Club in Hollywood for a concert by Brooklyn-based rock band Semi Precious Weapons.

According to People, lead singer Justin Tranter put the concert on hold and insisted that the crowd join him in singing “Happy Birthday” to Darren. After the song was over, Justin called out, "Get him some champagne, it's his birthday!"

That’s not all, though. You know who else was at the concert? Mia Swier. Yes, that Mia Swier. As in Darren’s rumored girlfriend.

On February 5, Mia tweeted, “Up early with ears still ringing and head still bangin from @preciousweapons last night. Thanks for the special song ;)x #live

Of course, Mia didn’t specify exactly what song she was referring to. But we think we have a guess...

Source: People, Twitter

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