Credit: Mitchell Nguyen Mccormack/Out Magazine Photo: Darren Criss Strips Down in Out Magazine, March 2011

Move over Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling: With People magazine getting tons of heat (some real, some hilarious) from their decision to dub the former this year’s Sexiest Man Alive over the latter, decided to hold their own Hollywood hottie race — and guess who’s pulverizing the competition.

None other then Glee’s Darren Criss (Blaine). (Shocker!... NOT!) While pitted against perpetual dreamboat Zac Efron, The Vampire Diaries’ resident smoldering ember Ian Somerhalder, and even People’s SMA contender, Gosling, Darren leads with a whopping 77% of the votes (as of Friday, November 18). Not even Justin Bieber is getting as much love (not even CLOSE at *cough* 1%... has his fanbase’s fever cooled just a tad?).

We always knew Darren’s ability to make us swoon would reach beyond the gleek community. Maybe now would be a good time to come up with a clever name for the effect he has on us: Criss Bliss? Darren Malarian? (We’ll keep working on it...)

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