Darren Criss hasn’t even taken his first bow for his upcoming Broadway debut as J. Pierrepont Finch in How to Succeed Without Really Trying, but that doesn’t stop... whoever is in charge of poster pushing to push the newest poster featuring his successor, Nick Jonas, down our throats.

But now that it is out, we have to compare... even though it’s really no competition, right Gleeks? In the end, though, everyone wins as they will both get to fill the role previously held by Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe (Darren from January 3-22 and Nick from Jan. 24-July 1, 2012).

At first glance, these posters may seem nearly identical, what with the slick part, colorful tie, mischievous grin, text font... but Nick does looks like he’s posing in front of a 1960s hotel bathroom wall.

Oh let’s just do this, OK?

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