Is Glee’s Darren Criss (Blaine)... cougar bait? Prepare your hearts, because Darren is about to lock lips on screen with Bridesmaids star and SNL vet Kristen Wiig.

But don’t worry too much, Klaine fans. Blaine won’t be cheating on Kurt with the SNL funny lady during a trip to NYC or anything like that. Instead, Darren will be romancing Kristen in the upcoming movie, Imogene.

The movie, which filmed in NYC last fall, was just announced to be premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. In the indie comedy film, Darren plays a swoony young boy bander who falls for leading lady Kristen.

No U.S. release date for the film just yet, but that could certainly change if the film is received well at TIFF. We’ve already seen photos of Darren and Kristen on set filming last year, and TIFF has three additional promo photos on their website, as well.

Sidenote: Check out the site for a photo of Darren showing off some super-corny hand motions and ridiculous all-white boy band attire. Plus, is that guyliner he’s wearing? This is one flick we can’t wait to see!

Source: Toronto International Film Festival

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