Credit: Getty Images Photo: David Boreanaz at the Fox Party in Summer 2011

Remember back in November when Glee first referenced Bones hunk David Boreanaz (Agent Booth) — and the sexy Fox star quickly tweeted that Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) was his “secret crush”?

Well, the Twitter love continues!

In tonight’s Glee Season 3, Episode 10: "Yes/No,” Sue once again mentioned her love of David B, saying she had to call him after the news that her former lover, Cooter, had gotten hitched over the holidays.

Well, it appears that this reference did NOT go unnoticed by David himself! At about 7:30pm on January 17, David tweeted, “@janemarielynch that's it! You are under arrest Sue Sylvester . #Bones #FBI

Ya hear that, Jane? Stop makin’ these Bones references! Or Special Agent Booth will be forced to take yoiu in! (On second thought … why exactly would that be a bad thing?)

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