We’ve seen the photos, and Quinn (Dianna Agron) looks stunning in her outfit for Glee’s Season 3 Nationals competition in Chicago.

However, after being primped-to-perfection and spending an entire day of work looking flawlessly glam — sometimes all a girl wants to do is just put on a comfy T-shirt and relax!

So, that’s exactly what actress Dianna Agron did. Photographers found the Glee actress on a break from filming Season 3, Episode 21 Nationals at Cal State Los Angeles on April 25, and Di looked comfy as can be in her charcoal gray tee.

She’s still wearing that super-cute red halter dress, mind you. But Dianna has simply opted to pull down the top and let it hang around her waist. Hey, whatever works!

Credit: MAP/Splash News

Other photos show Di hanging out with Naya Rivera (Santana) and Glee writer Matthew Hodgson. (We’re pretty sure that’s Matthew. At least, that hat looks very familiar.)

Matthew is the writer behind the Season 3 episodes, “I Kissed a Girl” and “Saturday Night Glee-ver.” He’s also been romantically linked to Naya in the past, though they’re not dating.

So what about the Nationals competition itself? We’ve managed to come across a few spoilers about what to expect from the episode, including whether or not Quinn makes it out of her wheelchair in time to dance on stage. If you’re curious, why don’t you take a look!

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