It's a well-established fact that blondes have more fun, and Glee's Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray) and her BFF Taylor Swift are a perfect example!

These gals and their golden tresses have been fast friends for years, and Taylor's new song "22" is even dedicated to Dianna and her hot self (as well as Tay's other biffles, Selena Gomez, Ashley Greene and Claire Callaway). Um, we'd give anything to be part of this fabulous click. Luckily, that's what our dream journal is for.

Taylor and Dianna both have busy schedules, but CMT reveals that they recently got a chance to hang out backstage at Elle Magazine's headquarters, where Taylor was shooting her March cover story! Word on the Gleeky street is that Dianna came by to support her friend, and the pair jammed to "hip-hop tunes." Sigh, girls just wanna have fun, ya'll.

We're thrilled that Taylor's taken a break from mourning Harry Styles long enough to bond with Dianna. These ladies are like two peas in the most fabulous pod ever! Also, said pod has no love for One Direction, otherwise known as The Boy Band Who Must Not Be Named.

Source: CMT