Glee starlet Dianna Agron is in talks to star in Malavita as the daughter of a scorned mob boss, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This is huge news for the 26-year-old actress, most known for her portrayal of Quinn Fabray on FOX’s Glee series — but who has just one prior film credit under her belt (I Am Number Four).

Dianna is up to play the daughter of Robert De Niro’s character, a former mafia boss turned informant hiding out with his family in France. Veteran dramatic actress Michelle Pfieffer will play his wife and the mother of Dianna’s character. According to THR, De Niro’s character risks the safety of his family, “and begins to impose his will on the small unsuspecting town he lives in. His actions eventually attract the mob he squealed on.”

We can’t wait to see Dianna show off her acting chops (and gorgeous cheekbones) alongside her Oscar-nominated costars!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter