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It’s a known fact that Glee’s Dianna Agron (Quinn) is close friends with pop star Taylor Swift. The two are so close, in fact, that when Taylor dedicated her friendship anthem, “22,” to a select group of her closest pals — Dianna was one of them!

On March 13, Taylor released the brand new music video for “22.” Now, Dianna doesn’t actually appear in the video, but we’re pretty sure that Taylor intentionally cast a girl who looks just like her.

Credit: TaylorSwiftVEVO Photo: Taylor Swift's "22" Music Video — With a Dianna Agron Lookalike!

“22” is filled with scenes of Taylor and her girlfriends having a blast in every way possible. There’s dancing, singing, going to the beach... you name it. One of the girls bears a striking resemblance to Dianna.

Her hair: short, straight and blonde, looks almost identical to Di’s. What’s more — the girls even dress alike. The Dianna doppelganger is seen wearing the Glee star’s signature boho chic style, with plenty of pastels, prints and cat-eye sunglasses, too.

Dianna 2.0 appears at multiple points throughout the video. She’s seen baking cupcakes at 0:37, frolicking on the beach in a Dianna-style dress at 1:29, and bouncing up and down with Taylor on a trampoline at 2:00. The girls even leap up in the air for a giant chest bump!

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So far, Dianna hasn’t said anything about Taylor’s new music video, but she’s definitely gushed about her famous pal in the past. “I’m really proud of her,” Dianna told Teen last year. “She’s doing so well, she’s always done so well, she’s just an incredibly hardworking and talented girl."

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Do you love the fact that Taylor used a Dianna doppelganger in her latest music video, or do you sort of wish she could have just called the Glee star up and asked her to make a guest appearance, instead?

Because doppelgangers are pretty awesome, but if you ask us, celebrity cameos are even better!