When you’re a cast member on a pop culture juggernaut like Glee, fame is a natural part of the equation. Two of its eye-catching female stars, Lea Michele (Rachel) and Dianna Agron (Quinn), are leading the charge — but who’s on top?

Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images Photo: Dianna vs. Lea: Who's The Bigger Star?

We’ve analyzed five categories to figure out which gal is more famous. Let the battle begin!

1. Who has the more promising film career?

Credit: ©2010 DreamWorks; Bobby Bank/Getty Images Photo: Dianna vs. Lea: Who Has the More Promising Film Career?

Here’s a tight category, as both will presumably continue to get bigger film roles in years to come. Lea’s big-screen debut — New Year’s Eve, set to come out this December — is higher-profile than anything Dianna’s been in yet. But Dianna played the female lead in this year’s I Am Number Four, and we don’t really see that happening for Lea in New Year’s Eve... unless her on-screen makeout sesh with Ashton Kutcher gets higher billing than Katherine Heigl, Halle Berry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, and Hilary Swank. (Translation: Let’s just give this one to Dianna, shall we?)
Advantage: DIANNA

2. Whose career is more respected?

Credit: Marisa Leigh Photography; LeaMichele.org Photo: Dianna vs. Lea: Whose Career's More Respected?

So far this category isn’t much of a contest. Lea’s role as Rachel has earned her two consecutive Golden Globe nominations and an Emmy nod (not to mention the awards she earned for her venerated role in Broadway’s Spring Awakening). Plus, Time magazine included her on their list of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2010. Who are we to argue with Time?
Advantage: LEA

3. Who have they dated?

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriquez/Getty Images; Patricia Schlein/WENN Photo: Dianna vs. Lea: Who Have They Dated?

Both ladies have been spotted with total hotties — and why wouldn’t they be? Lea’s boyfriend, Theo Stockman, is known mostly in the theatre world — having left his role in Broadway’s American Idiot in January — whereas Dianna’s ex, Alex Pettyfer, has had quite the year, starring in the films I Am Number Four and Beastly. (Whether they were good films is another matter altogether…)
Advantage: DIANNA

4. Whose character is more integral to Glee?

Credit: FOX © Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Dianna vs. Lea: Whose character is more integral to Glee?

It’s hard to imagine the show without any of its core characters. That said, Rachel has continued to get a string of memorable solos, including her own original song, which earned her that MVP award. On top of that, Quinn has been relegated to being the “other woman” in the Rachel-Finn storyline. Rachel and Finn continue to be the show’s signature couple, so we’re giving the edge to Rachel. (Just don’t tell Quinn that. She kinda scares us.)
Advantage: LEA

5. Who’s hotter?

Credit: Terry Richardson/GQ Magazine Photo: Lea Michele and Dianna Agron in in November 2010 Issue of GQ Magazine

For this category, we’ll defer to the experts. Lea was ranked seventh on FHM’s 2010 “Sexiest Women List,” and she narrowly beat out Dianna on AfterEllen.com’s “Hot 100” list (Lea was 16th, Dianna 26th). Dianna, meanwhile, popped up in People’s “Most Beautiful” issue last year, and both ladies have landed their share of magazine covers. In other words, choosing which of these women is hotter is a little like choosing which tropical island you’d rather vacation on. (Translation: There’s no wrong answer.)
Advantage: LEA


Credit: Wetpaint Photo: Dianna vs. Lea in "Who's More Famous" Contest? Lea Wins!

It was a tight race, but Lea ended up on top, taking three of the five categories. Don’t fret, Dianna fans — we have a feeling both Glee gals will be in the spotlight for years to come!