Credit: Headlinephoto/Splash News Photo: Dianna Agron Picking Up Her Outfit in West Hollywood on October 20, 2011

Well, it's pretty safe to assume no one could break up Kristin Stewart and her beard beau Robert Pattinson, but Glee star Dianna Agron (Quinn) was spotted out at Venice Beach eatery Gjelina with another very handsome Twilight cast member. Who's the hot, misunderstood monster in question? None other than Taylor Lautner! We'll give you a minute to clean the drool off your keyboard.

Yes, McKinley's former Skank ringleader was out to dinner with Tay-Tay, but it may not have been as romantic as you're imagining. They were accompanied by two suits referred to by an onlooker as "agent types." Also, while Dianna appeared to be excitedly chatting over their meal, Taylor seemed more relaxed and laid-back, although he did agree to pose for pics with some fans who ambushed him.

So what's the deal, here folks? Do you think they're in talks for a movie? Is Dianna campaigning to get Taylor on Glee? Were they on a chaperoned date (quite the cradle robber, Di! She's 25 to Taylor's 19)? Who knows in Hollywood, but maybe expect to see these two collaborating soon!

Source: People

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