Ryan Murphy started a firestorm this week when he dropped the f-bomb on Kings of Leon for refusing to allow Glee the use of their hit single “Use Somebody.” Controversy aside, would it have made sense for KoL to cash in on the Fox hit? Apparently, yes.

Not that Kings of Leon is hurting for money — after all, they’re huge stars themselves — but they could have definitely made a killing. Song licensing usually runs $10,000 to $15,000, with the price growing as the name of the artist grows. Toss in the royalties the star gets if the song winds up on an album, plus the possibility that Glee will head into syndication, and you’ve got a very lucrative opportunity for a band. Even better? iTunes sales of the original track get a major boost for at least 24 hours after the episode airs.

In the end, maybe the best way for Kings of Leon to get back at Ryan Murphy is to allow New Directions to cover “Use Somebody.” Money talks... or in this case, sings.

Source: E!