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The results are in! Last week, after the airing of Season 4, Episode 5: “The Role You Were Born to Play,” we asked you if the episode suffered for being 100% Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) free. We tallied your reactions, and are unsurprised to report that Gleeks love Lea! However, it wasn’t exactly a landslide.

44% of you think Glee is awesome with or without Lea and appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the newest members of New Directions.

However, 56% of you felt that an episode of Glee without Lea is like Christmas without presents. (Or should we say Hanukkah without the menorah?) And in the comments, many of you sounded off, saying if you’d known there would be no Rachel, you wouldn’t have watched the episode! Harsh, you guys!  Well, Lea fans can breathe a big sigh of relief, because Rachel will be back in Lima for this week’s episode, "Glease".

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