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UPDATE: On September 20, we learned that Max and Jennifer have actually been engaged for over a year, He proposed in Rome (so romantic!), but the couple has yet to set a wedding date. Congrats, you two.

Poor Dave Karofsky has been not-so-lucky in love on Glee this season, but it that does not appear to be the case for his real-life portrayer, Max Adler!

On March 1, singer and actress Jennifer Bronstein posted a video on Twitter from a recent performance in Hollywood. This afternoon, Max retweeted the video, adding, “My girlfriend.”

Now, Max has taken Jennifer as his date to a couple of Hollywood events... so it really doesn’t come as that big of a surprise to hear that they’re dating. But we’re excited to hear it confirmed!

Jennifer has had a few bit parts in shows like Chuck and The O.C., but given how she’s killing it with those vocals in her concert performance... perhaps a part on Glee wouldn’t be such a bad idea, either!

Credit: Jennifer Bronstein on YouTube Photo: Max Adler's Girlfriend, Jennifer Bronstein Sings "Sooner or Later" at M Bar in Hollywood on December 1, 2011 (VIDEO)

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