With Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) off at NYADA, Glee made it very clear that it wanted a “New Rachel” at McKinley High. The Season 4 premiere was even titled “The New Rachel,” and by the end of the show, it seemed pretty clear that bright-eyed newcomer Marley Rose (Melissa Benoist) had landed the job.

So how exactly does actress Melissa Benoist feel about the comparison? In an interview with former Baby Spice Emma Bunton on the UK’s Sky1, Melissa reveals that she never really felt comfortable with the comparisons... especially when people move it from characters to actors and start christening her the new Lea Michele!

“A lot of people are saying that you are our new Lea Michele,” Emma says. “Is that kind of hard to take on? It it a lot of pressure?”

Melissa replies, “You know, at first it was. But I so don’t think of it that way, because Marley I think is so different.”

Just to be clear, she does not think of herself as Lea Michele 2.0. Not in the least. “I would never even want to try to compare myself to Lea Michele, you know?” Melissa says.

“She is an amazing, like, on her own level. I always feel weird when people say that.”

She’s sweet. She’s talented. And she definitely isn’t getting too big for her britches. Well done, Melissa!

Source: Sky1