Credit: Photo Illustration: Wetpaint Entertainment/Danielle Levitt/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Pirate Blaine: Just as Hot With an Eye Patch?

Poor Blaine (Darren Criss)! All he was trying to do was stick up for his man — and now look what he has to show for it!

When Sebastian (Grant Gustin) tossed a bright red slushie right at Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) face in tonight’s Glee Season 3, Episode 11: “Michael,” Blaine leapt in front of the icy mess and took the slushie to the face himself!

The only problem? Sebastian filled the slushie with a bunch of rock salt... and Blaine is facing the potential of some serious eye damage! As a result, Kurt’s BF spent the rest of the episode with a patch over his eye.

Is it his best look? No. But that said,it takes a lot to make Darren Criss look bad. So are you digging Blaine’s pirate look? If need be... could he make it work?

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