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Gleeks say the darndest things! Here are our picks for the top 6 quotes from Episode 6, “Tenacity.”

6. Not those adorable, nibble-worthy ears!
Damian: I don't like being cold. And I thought my ears were gonna fall off.

5. A-ha, we see what you did there...
Alex: I'm showing my tenacity, or in my words, te-nasty...

4. Excuses, excuses!
Alex: Fat kids aren't meant to do floorwork.

3. Ah, yes, the old accidental split.
Alex: Are you gonna do a split?
Hannah: No!
Alex: Are you sure?
Hannah: Ahh!

2. Finally, the voice of reason.
Hannah: I had all this slushie on me, I was just like... hm... started eating it.

1. Hey, sounds like our love lives!
Alex: My slushie experience is madness, mayhem, and just foolishness.

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