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We’ve already seen some pretty conclusive evidence that Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith) will tie the knot before the end of Glee Season 3. Now, the newest crop of Glee on-set photos are offering even more clues!

In April, photos emerged of Lea Michele filming a scene from Glee’s May 15 episode — and she had a wedding ring on her finger.

How do we know it’s a wedding ring? Well, because instead of the one-band engagement ring Rachel’s been wearing for a while, the Glee songstress quite noticeably had two bands around her left hand ring finger: the original engagement ring sparkler and an additional wedding band.

Yet with the weird body switching antics happening that same episode, we wondered if the wedding ring might be a big fake out. What if it was all part of some crazy dream sequence?

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Not so fast. New photos from the Glee set are leading us to believe that it wasn’t a dream at all! On May 6, photographers caught up with Lea in New York City, where she’s filming scenes for the Season 3 finale.

If you zoom in on these new photos, Rachel’s back to wearing just her engagement ring. So where did that second ring, her wedding band, go?

If you look closely at other photos, you’ll see that Rachel is also wearing another silver ring — this one on her other finger.

Credit: Darla Khazei/

Here’s our theory: Lea saw the photographers taking her picture, and she knew that photos of Rachel Berry photographed wearing a wedding ring (AGAIN) could spoil a major plot point. So to throw everyone off the trail, she took the wedding band off of her ring finger and placed it on her other hand.

As soon as the Glee cameras started rolling, she could have easily slipped the wedding band back on her correct finger. It’d be a sneaky move, but it still seems totally plausible to us.

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