Talk about an amazing finale — with so many surprises! In fact, we’re not sure if we’re crying right now because of Blaine (Darren Criss) saying “I love you” to Kurt (Chris Colfer), or if it’s because it just dawned on us that we won’t get another new Glee episode until what feels like the year 2030.

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX Photo: Brittany and Santana Perform at Nationals in Season 2, Episode 22: “New York”

The episode — succinctly titled “New York” — kicks off with our heroes already in the Big Apple, exploring the city in order to write two more original songs. And apparently, “getting to know the city” involves skipping along the rims of public fountains, which is what native New Yorkers do all the time.

Schue (Matthew Morrison) sneaks away to visit the theatre where he and April (Kristin Chenoweth) will be performing her show, giving Finn (Cory Monteith) a chance to invite Rachel (Lea Michele) on what he not-too-suavely claims is just a “work date” — despite the formal attire and flowers. They have an amazing day — and even meet Patti Lupone! — but Rachel won’t kiss him at the end of it. Presumably, Rachel would have had more fun just spending the entire day with Patti.

Credit: @msleamichele's Twitter/ Photo: Lea Michele on Location in New York City on April 29, 2011

Schue runs into trash-talking Vocal Adrenaline coach Dustin (Cheyenne Jackson), who thinks about his teaching job the way a prisoner would think about Rikers Island. And as it turns out, Dustin already knows about Schue’s new gig on Broadway and has alerted the members of New Directions. Dustin spreads gossip faster than TMZ.

The kids encourage Schue to test out Broadway, but Schue decides to turn down the show. We would say that Schue is missing a big opportunity here, but this is April Rhodes we’re talking about, so we doubt that Schue turning down her musical will be quite the same as, say, Tom Selleck turning down the part of Indiana Jones. (Seriously — is Tom Selleck the world’s biggest idiot or what?)

One of our favorite plot lines in the episode involves Rachel atoning for sending Sunshine (Charice) to a crack house — although who among us hasn’t sent someone to a crack house and then later regretted it? We love seeing Rachel giving a thumbs-up to Sunshine before Sunshine’s show-stopping original number, “As Long As You’re There.”

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX Photo: Sunshine and Vocal Adrenaline Perform at Nationals in Season 2, Episode 22: “New York”

It’s now time for Rachel and Finn to perform a duet that Finn wrote, but all he can think about is Rachel. In fact, he’s so sprung that he awkwardly plants a kiss on her onstage in front of the befuddled audience as the song ends. Way to play it cool there, Finn.

New Directions performs one final song — the very catchy “Light Up the World,” which is definitely going on our gym playlist — but everyone is concerned about that infamous kiss, especially Jesse, who has dropped by unexpectedly. We then get the shocking news: New Directions has not qualified as one of the top 10 groups, instead placing 12th. Say it ain’t so!

Also, were we the only ones who noticed that one of the teams to beat New Directions was called “The Waffletoots”? How can you respect yourself in the morning, knowing you got beat by the freakin’ Waffletoots?!

Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/FOX Photo: Glee Cast Relaxes in Central Park in Season 2, Episode 22: “New York”

The end of the episode involves everyone dealing with the loss: Brittany (Heather Morris) soothes Santana (Naya Rivera); Rachel informs Finn that she’s definitely New York-bound, though they can still enjoy senior year together; and Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) are — you guessed it! — officially a thing. But the cutest moment? Kurt and Blaine sharing “I love you’s.” Swoon!

So there is no cliffhanger — and where is Quinn’s (Dianna Agron) big plan for destruction? — but with all those great original songs, “the kiss,” and the emergence of Samcedes, it’s a memorable end to the season. If only we knew what to do for the next three months! Maybe we can kill some time by watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and trying to picture how Indy would have looked with a bushy, Tom Selleck-esque mustache…

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