It's foolish to say any one episode of Glee is more anticipated than the next (because, hello, we're Gleeks!), but next week's is certainly one to keep an eye on. Not only is it directed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon, and not only does it feature some major Tina/Artie forward progress, but it also guest stars Neil Patrick Harris! That's a triple threat right there.

Astute listeners might have caught a bit of the cover of "Dream On" that Neil and Matthew Morrison perform together on the episode in the promo at the end of "Laryngitis," but now we've been treated to a 30-second uninterrupted sample. And it's awesome! Of course NPH plays a long-time rival to Mr. Schuester, so we're sure this performance will have quite the air of animosity surrounding it. Listen below!