Credit: Grant Gustin on Facebook Photo: Grant Gustin Gets Roughed Up as Baby John in West Side Story

With Glee off the air this week — thanks, President Obama! — you’re going to need some way to get your Glee fix. Luckily, our favorite new bad boy Warbler is more than happy to oblige.

Grant Gustin (Sebastian) booked a one-episode guest appearance on CSI: Miami back in November, and the episode airs later this week!

Tune in to CBS at 10 p.m. this Sunday, January 29, to see Grant take on not one, but TWO roles. He will be pulling double-duty as twin brothers caught up in a murder after their biological father turns up dead.

But is Grant to blame for the murder? Or is it the other Grant?? Yikes. We knew this guy was evil... but we didn’t think he was capable of murder.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Promo for Glee's Grant Gustin on CSI Miami — He's Playing (Evil?) Twins! [VIDEO]