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Things got real during last night's Glee Season 3 finale, Episode 22: "Goodbye." We'd heard from spoilers that only one person from McKinley would make it to NYADA, and that's exactly what happened. Rachel (Lea Michele) was accepted to the presitgious NYC arts academy, and Kurt (Chris Colfer) wasn't. Yet for as surprising of a decision as thismay seem, there are actually quite a few reasons we truly do think Rachel deserved to get into NYADA instead of Kurt.

And to all you Kurt fans (aka “Kurtsies”) out there — please forgive us! In fact, maybe you should just check out our five reasons why Kurt should have gotten into NYADA. After that, you can pretend that this pro-Rachel ending was all just a bad dream.

1. Name any style of music — Rachel can sing it. And it’ll change your life.

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Frankly, we could listen to both Rachel and Kurt’s singing voices all day long. (Heck, we like their voices so much that we could listen to them read from War and Peace.) But Kurt’s voice seems best suited for ballads and Broadway numbers, whereas Rachel can pretty much sing it all, including uptempo and pop tunes. And given how jukebox musicals are all the rage these days, that seems to be pretty darn important. (Rock of Ages, anyone?)

2. She proved her acting chops in West Side Story.

Sure, Kurt can hold his own in supporting roles, as Riff Raff or Officer Krupke, but when it came to a leading role (for Tony in West Side Story), Kurt couldn’t impress the judges. Perhaps this was due in part to the judges not remaining open-minded, but we still haven’t gotten evidence that Kurt’s acting is top-notch, as we saw from Rachel as Maria. (Plus, that starring role will certainly strengthen her resume). Then again, they both appear to be way better at acting than Cooper Anderson is.

3. Rachel spends every freakin’ moment practicing. Kurt? Not so much.

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Between all of her after-school vocal lessons and training, you get the feeling that performing is the only thing on Rachel’s one-track mind. (That recommendation letter from Shelby Corcoran [Idina Menzel] won’t hurt either.) And while Kurt seems dedicated to singing, we also see him spend his free time on other pursuits, such as cooking, fashion, or graphic design (for the West Side Story brochures). It’s awesome to be well-rounded, but Rachel clearly takes performing more seriously than just about anyone. Then again, anytime Kurt wants to cook for us, we’re so there.

4. Kurt’s unique voice isn’t always suited for lead Broadway roles.

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Rachel’s personality may be a little tough to deal with at times (to put it mildly), but talent-wise, she’s exactly the type of performer and vocalist who Broadway producers look for, much like her idols (such as Babs and Patti). Kurt, on the other hand, has a very unique voice, but his countertenor vocal range isn’t really suited for many lead male roles. Then again, considering Chris Colfer has written his own movie scripts, maybe Kurt can write himself a Broadway musical?

5. It’s plain and simple: This is Rachel’s destiny!

There have been hints that Kurt has talent in other fields, and we could see him being really happy pursuing a career as maybe a fashion designer. But let’s face it: Rachel can’t do anything else! Performing is what Rachel has been born to do, so having to watch her find a different career path would be like if, say, Albert Einstein had become a plumber.

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