Credit: Amanda Edwards/FOX ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Fans Go Pink For "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" Screening on October 21, 2010
Considering that Glee has over 10 million fans on Facebook, the chances are good that you're one of them. And to celebrate that massive amount of support, the cast of Glee agreed to answer fan questions ranging from silly to sillier to everything in between.

For instance, have you ever wanted to know how Cory Monteith says "buddy"? (Hint: Like a Canadian.) What about Lea Michele's favorite musical, or whether or not Chris Colfer relates to Kurt and his experiences on Glee? What's the dead giveaway that you're from Canada? Well, all your questions are answered and then some. The best part is that this is only the first video, meaning more are on the way!

Watch below:
Credit: A littlelambfan's livejournal Photo: Glee on FB Celebrates 10 Million Fans!