Based on the racy nature of the photos accompanying the GQ cover story on Glee, it isn't surprising that the accompanying interview tries to get to the bottom of the whole "Glee cast has sex in trailers" rumor. But don't get all hot and bothered, Gleeks: It looks like that's mostly just talk.

When asked about the supposed no-sex rule that was instituted on set, Cory Monteith (Finn) responded: "Yeah, that’s implied. There’s a beautiful chemistry to this show and messing with that would be dangerous." Good point! You don't want to mix business with pleasure, right?

Meanwhile, Lea Michele (Rachel) says she's never been told the no-sex rule by Ryan Murphy, because she would never dream of doing such a thing. "He knows I’m not hooking up with anybody in my trailer." Considering Lea's committed relationship with boyfriend Theo Stockman, we're not surprised.

Source: Heckler Spray