Time to meet Puck 2.0! We’ve known that Glee has been searching for an actor to play the younger brother of Mr. Sex Tornado, and now we’ve learned who the lucky actor is: Jacob Artist. And here’s the most important thing: He’s just as sexy as Mark Salling (Puck)! Well done, Glee.

Jacob will be playing Puck’s younger half brother, Jake Puckerman. (An actor named Jacob playing a character named Jake? Interesting.) In any case, Puck’s little bro will be trying out for New Directions this season, but it looks like his attitude is even worse than his older brother’s. And here we thought no one could be more of a bad boy than Puck himself!

Jacob has plenty of previous TV credits, including starring in the Lifetime movie Blue Lagoon: The Awakening. He was also in an episode of the sitcom Melissa & Joey and has made a couple of appearances on Nickelodeon’s How to Rock. And since he’s playing Puck’s brother, we can only assume that Jacob does indeed know how to rock.

As for his personal life, he grew up in Buffalo, NY, and is relatively new to L.A. We know from his Twitter that he’s a huge Harry Potter fan (like, huge), and he’s also a big fan of Gotye, American Idol, and donuts (but who doesn’t love donuts?). Welcome to theGlee family, Jacob!

Source: Hollywood ReporterTV by the Numbers

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