Glee has yet to be renewed beyond its current season, but it sounds like that's about to change  in a major way!

Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly spoke at the Television Critics Association about the fact that Glee Season 5 and The Glee Project Season 3 might be renewed even before Fox's upfronts presentation in May.

"Yes, that is a real possibility," Kevin tells reporters. "We're going to negotiate now for the fifth season and beyond, so we're talking about those things now." Hooray! Get it done, Kevin.

It also appears, with so many more core characters set to graduate from McKinley at the end of this season, that Fox is considering having the show take place entirely in New York City, instead of jumping between the Ohio and NYC storylines.

"I have to talk to Ryan and see where he's at right now," Kevin tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I don't know. I wonder  could it and should it naturally move there? But we have to talk about it."

"This was ultimately what became of the spinoff talk: 'Let's do it within the franchise,'" Kevin continues. "I do think if we can continue to follow a broad array of characters, it's like life: You have relationships, you have friends  they go off, their lives go on, and you get together and maybe you maintain a friendship, maybe you lose distance. I think we can do that within this world of people you followed." 

As of now, Kevin says that Fox likes that some of the original cast members who aren't regularly on the show are able to pop in for an occasional episode as they please.

"Some of them have moved on to other things or wanted to move on to other things," he explains, "but they love the show, and this gives them a chance to come back and do an arc. It would be fun to continue that morphing."

So what do you think — would Glee still be Glee if there's no more McKinley? And is this a sign that Fox doesn't love this season's new McKinley students? 

Let us know in the comments if you're in favor of this potentially massive change! 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter