It’s the one that they want — and they got it! When Ryder (Blake Jenner), Jake (Jacob Artist), Sam (Chord Overstreet) and the rest of the Glee guys take on John Travolta’s classic performance of “Greased Lightning” during this November’s Grease episode, they’ll be using one of the original cars from the 1978 movie.

Grease used a handful of different 1946 red Fords to film their classic T-bird scenes, and one of the cars belongs to Brian Grams at the Volo Auto Museum just outside of Chicago.

Brian tells Wetpaint Entertainment that he first came across this original “Greased Lightning” car back in 2009, but it was in very poor condition and required a significant amount of restorative work before reach the current state that makes it near identical with it’s original movie self.

Glee contacted him late this summer to inquire about using the car, and Brian then helped them acquire the “before” car, as well — the white car seen in “Greased Lightning”’s non-dream sequence shot of Ryder and the gang performing the classic tune.

So we know that Ryder and the guys will dance around the car during their Season 4, Episode 6 performance of “Greased Lightning,” but will we get to see any of them take the car for a spin — or even race it like John Travolta’s Danny did in the movie?

Don’t bet on it. Brian says the actors weren’t allowed to drive the car; it was for static use only. On second thought, that’s probably a good thing. With a car that rare, you probably wouldn’t want to risk even a scratch!

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