Credit: Ryan Murphy on Twitter

As soon as Glee comes back from winter break in 2013, Kurt (Chris Colfer) will be starting his classes at NYADA. So far, we’ve only seen one short glimpse of his time at the prestigious NYC arts school, and it looks like Kurt’s new classes might turn out to be a bit more difficult than he anticipated.

Yet even with the challenges, we’re confident Kurt and learn to thrive in his new environment. He just needs to find a place where he can belong — and that place might just be the NYADA glee club!

Deadline recently revealed that Glee has cast British actor Oliver Kieran-Jones as the head of NYADA’s glee club, and he might just end up becoming Kurt’s newest love interest.

On December 20, Glee creator Ryan Murphy tweeted two photos of Kurt at NYADA. In one, the smartly-dressed freshman stands in front of a piano. Could this be the room where NYADA’s glee club meets?

Credit: Ryan Murphy on Twitter

In the other, Kurt is seen standing in front of a group of students, with the stage lights burning down brightly in front of him. Might this be his NYADA audition? We’ve scoured the faces of all the students in the room, and we don’t think we’ve been able to spot Kurt’s rumored new man among them. 

Come on, Glee. How about a photo? We’re just dying to get a look at him!