Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Will Directs the Glee Club in Season 2, Episode 5: "The Rocky Horror Glee Show"
You might think Glee is the most progressive and inclusive show on television (and it really sorta is), but that doesn't mean that even the most progressive among us can't make mistakes. Case in point: Glee is under fire from GLAAD for using the word (rhymes with fanny) "tr**y."

During the Rocky Horror tribute, Mike Chang told Mr. Schuester that his parents didn't want him dressing up as the aforementioned slang term. "The casual manner in which the word was used is jarring, even if he may have been repeating what his parents said," GLAAD'S Matt Kane wrote on the organization's site. "Unfortunately the larger problem here is that the word 'tra**y' has become an easy punch line in popular culture, and many still don’t realize that using the term is hurtful, dehumanizing, and associated with violence, hatred, and derision against transgender people; a community that is nearly invisible in media today."

Glee has yet to apologize.

Source: CNN