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Ever since Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker) gave her that magical New York City makeover back in Episode 3, Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) has transformed into a whole new woman.

She’s sexy. She’s confident. And she wears a ton of sultry black eyeliner.  Yet the timid, reindeer sweater-clad Rachel of seasons past isn’t gone for good. In fact, she’ll be back as soon as Glee‘s very next episode!

"There's an episode coming up called 'Naked' where Rachel is asked to do a topless scene in a student film so that's very interesting,” Lea recently told E! Online. “She has a conflict between the new Rachel and the old Rachel.”

As it turns out, old Rachel has a few words for new Rachel, and she’s going to express them — how else? — in song. "I did this really cool musical number where I had to shoot it both as the old Rachel and the new Rachel,” Lea says.  

“I did a duet with myself, which is incredibly perfect Rachel Berry narcissist right there!"

We’ve seen a handful of photos from the duet already, thanks to both Lea and Glee creator Ryan Murphy on Twitter. The sweaters are back. So are those infamous gold stars. Oh, old Rachel, we kind of missed you.

We’re not sure if we’d want you to come back for good, but it will definitely be a blast to get to see you again!

Source: E! Online