Have you heard the Gleektastic news? Everyone's favorite Broadway rock star, Idina Menzel, is making her long-awaited return to Glee as Rachel Berry's (Lea Michele) mom, Shelby, and our bodies are officially ready. Rumor has it that Shelby helps Rachel perfect her upcoming Funny Girl audition, and you know what that means. These two are singing a song together!

"Off to the recording studio now for #glee to see @alxanders and record a really fun duet for me and @idinamenzel!" Lea tweeted on March 14th, adding, "Great session with @alxanders today! You guys are gonna love this one! #Shelby&Rachel."

These ladies have some of the greatest voices in the industry, so there's no doubt that their duet will be off-the-hook. And now that Rachel isn't baking a bun in her lady oven, we don't have to worry about whether or not she'll book the lead in Funny Girl! Although, let's be real: girlfriend would a shoo-in even if she was pregnant.

The real question? What song will Rachel and Shelby perform? We're thinking they'll either do a show-stopping hit from Funny Girl as part of Rachel's training, or they'll sob their way through a heartfelt song about feelings and parenting. Sigh, so many possibilities, so little time.

Source: Twitter / Twitter