Time for some ch-ch-ch-changes, Gleeks! Looks like everyone's favorite broodster, Finn (Cory Monteith), is leaving McKinley High and going to University of Lima, where he'll while away his days "studying," breaking into spontaneous bouts of song while all his peers side-eye him, and doing The Harlem Shake. Because if there's one thing Glee loves, it's a group dance.

The Glee Powers That Be recently filmed Finn's University of Lima scenes at Los Angeles' Occidental College (which is famous for being the location of Cher's high school in Clueless!). And, from what we can tell, some serious Harlem shaking is going down.


Extras are all decked out in swimsuits and wigs, we're pretty sure there's a dude wandering around in an enormous panda suit. It also looks like Cory Monteith may or may not be dressed as a chicken. However, he denied it by tweeting "nope, that's not me in the chicken suit. #justFYI."

As far as we know, Cory is the only regular Glee cast member in this scene, and we can't wait for him to shake it like a Polaroid picture! Also, it's probably best if you reserve at least three hours of your life to making slow motion gifs of Cory gyrating his hips. Just a suggestion.

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