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Most of the information about this week’s Glee Season 4, Episode 18: "Shooting Star" is being kept under tight wraps. However, we do know some things... including which songs will be performed during the night’s episode.

While most Glee installments will feature at least as many as seven different songs, Thursday’s episode will only have three. With rumors flying that the title “Shooting Star” means there will be a gunshot at McKinley High School, it appears that the episode will be more concerned with tapping into all the drama and emotion than with including the normal amount of catchy tunes.

So what can we expect from this episode, lyrically speaking? Ryder (Blake Jenner) will bare his soul to his online lover, Katie, with an emotional declaration of love.

Brittany (Heather Morris) has her own declaration of feelings, but they are directed at her cat, Lord Tubbington. (Sorry, Sam. She likes you and all... just not that much.) Get a first listen to two of the songs over at The Hollywood Reporter, and check out the full track listing below.


Track List:

- Elton John’s “Your Song,” performed by Ryder to his online love interest, Katie

- Extreme’s “More Than Words,” performed by Brittany and Sam (Chord Overstreet)

- John Mayer’s “Say,” performed by the New Directions

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