Glee creator Ryan Murphy spilled plenty of scoop about what’s to come in Season 4, Episode 12: “Naked” during his most recent Twitter Q&A, but that’s not all he talked about!

On December 12, Ryan also tweeted about what sort of music Glee fans can expect to hear in the second half of Season 4.

Q: What about a Kurt and Rachel duet?
Ryan: This is coming. Something from Les Miz.

Q: Can Blaine or Rachel sing a Taylor Swift song?
Ryan: Yes. Keep watching.

Q: I think Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” is so Brittana.
Ryan: Marley and Jake have dibs on this one. Sorry.

Which Les Miz song are you hoping that Hummelberry will get to tackle? And do you think Blaine or Rachel will ultimately be the one chosen to take on another T-Swift tune? Hit the comments below with your predictions!

Source: Ryan Murphy on Twitter

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