Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

It’s splitsville for a Glee Project couple. Aylin Bayramoglu and Charlie Lubeck first connected on The Glee Project 2, which aired in summer 2012, and the cute duo quickly became a fan favorite couple.

Charlie and Aylin always played it coy about the status of their relationship, so we were never quite sure if they were officially dating or not. Charlie was clearly into Aylin — and the bubbly, energetic flirt seemed to like him, too — but the two never labeled themselves as in a relationship.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

Now, we seem to get confirmation that they were dating... but only after hearing that things are over. On March 15, Aylin tweeted, “I would like to sadly, regrettably and formally announce that Charlie and I are no longer together. I appreciate all your love and support!!”

Charlie hasn’t made any official announcement, but when a fan tweeted, “this made me so sad. I hope y'all reconnect or at least stay friends” Charlie retweeted the comment, saying, “thank you.”

Oh, Charlin... (Chaylin...?) we don’t even know if the Internet chose an official mashup name for you, and now your relationship is over. Sigh. Don’t mind us. We’re just going to grab a spoon and start attacking a giant tub of sympathy ice cream. Eating our feelings always seems to help.

Source: Aylin on Twitter